Monday, August 15, 2011

Wandering Minds

Evil Eye Tree
we are failed entrepreneurs.

We've worked together for a long time and whenever we would get sick of our job we would create fantasy businesses, always with the intention to really do it. 

Our first fantasy job was to become childbirth assistants. We took a 3 day workshop to get our careers started. We don't really want to talk about what we had to do there, let's just say, it didn't work out.

The next great idea was to open a fairy store. No we are not 13. We had visions of sugarplums... uh, and dressing in full fairy regalia in the store full of fairy items catering to the wee people... you know little girls and their moms. We like to make things and went off on some fairy idea, maybe it started with a pin, we really can't remember. And we were going to have one of our other disgruntled co-workers work there also. We were creating jobs!

When the fairy idea got to be too weirdly whimsical, we grew into another fantasy business. It was hard to find a good vanity, you know a desk-like thing with a mirror where you sit and do your make-up and hair. After finding exactly 2 affordable semi-antique vanities and buying them, our business became 'Vanity Fairy.' We were going to paint the vanities and still sell fairy items. We thought carrying the furniture would legitimize the fairy part. However, 1st you have to know how refinish furniture. This was hard.. Too hard. We moved on.

Another of our business habits was to go to a book store and buy a craft book and bring it to work and make that our next business. One such book was on making lampshades. 'That would be a good idea, wouldn't it?' And how about using felt board cutouts to attach to the shades? Or how about just making felt board stories?! 

Then the next week we realized that a good (otto)man is hard to find.  And we don't mean auto.  "How about making ottomans?" That seemed like a good idea. Of course we really didn't know how to make an ottoman, but we did spend a little time looking at wooden footstools, which lead us to making 'Stools for Stools' a small bench to put your feet on while you are pooping (this is anatomically a better way to poop!) However, when you have one of these little stools in your bathroom and you don't have a small child who needs a stepping stool, people start to question what it's for. So we moved on.

Check back to see where we move on to.